Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Eagerly awaiting new vintage wines!

Well we have tasted our 2013 vintage wines...and I am excited!!

The 2013 Pinot Noir is shaping up like the award winning 2011(which is about to run out!!!), but with just a little bit more going on. Should be a lovely Pinot!

2103 Chardonnay is a stunner! I love it, and hope nothing distressing happens during bottling to detract from its great flavours.

And interestingly, we have scored a tiny amount of Pinot Gris!! It is a delightful wine, and will be a smash hit over Summer alongside our maturing 2102 Riesling. We have only a handful of cases of this one, so it will be a Cellar Door exclusive...well, a Harvest Market exclusive...

More to come once they are bottled!

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